Shaun is an entrepreneurial mentor with decades of experience in start-ups and in creating innovative solutions for seemingly impossible problems. He specialises in creating financial instruments and lending mechanisms and conceived the concept of creating a looped network of community, which sits behind the success of his companies. It is his commercial acumen and creativity in conjunction with his continued sense of community and sustainability, whether it be
through his integrated approach to putting forward the best solution for all parties or his ability to identify and draw upon synergies, that allow Shaun to offer exceptional and inimitable collaborative opportunities.

Over his most recent years, Shaun’s personal and professional interest has guided him to develop the concept of a sovereign plan, which is focussed on improvements in developing nations and directed towards the betterment of a nation through the benefits of connectivity of industries, equity sharing and privatisation. This work is close to Shaun’s heart as it connects both his philanthropical pursuits and his commercial-mindedness. He believes that the synergies involved in partnering government directly with private enterprise promotes rapid growth, expansion and creation of innovation and new industry by removing barriers typically experienced by one or the other and combining complementary strengths. In particular, the financial incentives often pursued
by the private sector can be transmitted to government through equity – a long-term financial reward that can then be used to support even more growth, enhance infrastructure, support education and improve quality of life. Over the past year and a half, Shaun has been working closely with key individuals within the government of Lao People’s Democratic Republic to introduce and implement analogous strategies through both funding mechanisms and comprehensive
infrastructure opportunities that take into account the country’s position and resources.

Built on years of involvement in the creation and management of financial companies, Shaun delivers a simplified approach to education in financial concepts and investment strategies. He has drawn on his deep understanding of start-up and business communities to build the FOXI joint venture programme, creating a value loop between borrower, lender and client by sharing in rewards – a partnership that greatly increases the growth of the enterprise. A pivotal part of his
success has been his emphasis on making financial education accessible across different mediums and in content. Specifically, he has worked towards addressing the gap in basic education on financial and investment considerations for retail investors, establishing the FOXI group of
companies on this basis. Notably, Shaun’s passion for education underlies a large number of his projects and can be observed throughout his dealings, both commercial and philanthropical.

Apart from being a fund and asset manager, Shaun is a professional mentor and business consultant with a passion for assisting others in achieving financial freedom by unlocking the secrets of wealth creation. He understands the needs of wholesale, sophisticated and retail investors alike and as a business consultant, he prides himself on mentoring many new entrants into the business community. To this end, Shaun has released his first book, “Money, The Book” and created a masterclass series, “Anyone Can Invest” that will introduce the new investor to the concept of unlocking the potential of money to generate time and financial freedom.

Shaun is an excellent communicator and professional motivational speaker with a passion for business and a vibrant, optimistic outlook. These personal attributes, combined with a long-held belief in the value of hard work and service to others, set him apart in the financial industry.

“My real passion is assisting others in wealth creation and helping them achieve their full potential in life and in

I have had the incredible privilege to have met some of the most amazing people in my life and career, both as a mentor and an investment manager…

I would strongly recommend Shaun for any entrepreneurs with a “crazy” idea, business owners wanting to take their baby to the next level, and of course to anyone else like me who wants to make their profession better but doesn’t quite know how to make it happen.

Lauren Cossen , Read more

I instantly found Shaun to have excellent values of truth, integrity and decency. Extremely easy to get along with and makes everything seem so effortless. I always felt listened to, valued and appreciated, even when I started and had no clue what I was doing. He showed patience and understanding and never showed doubt in my capabilities.

John McIntyre, Read More

I cannot speak of or recommend Shaun as a person, his services or his companies more highly. Great businessman, great friend, great human!

Amie Ruddle, Read more

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