ANYONE CAN INVEST is divided into 4 sections, delivered online over a 4 week period and showcases Shaun’s innovative approach to helping each person uncover and take advantage of the assets they already have in their life, no matter where they stand financially.

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“I’d like to share what I’ve learnt about money, investing and creating time so that everyone can take a shortcut to their own financial freedom.”
Shaun Fox
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A Unique Beginner’s Guide to Investment Strategy

Shaun is delighted to offer the Anyone Can Invest Online Masterclass, created as an accompaniment to his debut work, MONEY, THE BOOK. 

In this engaging and innovative training program, Shaun showcases his approach to helping individuals achieve the financial freedom they so desire. Through a step by step process, you’ll be able to uncover and take advantage of the assets you already have in your life. This masterclass will educate and captivate you, providing that motivation to practically put techniques in place and achieve your financial goals.

Shaun has divided the masterclass into 4 specific sections, delivered over a 4 week period, allowing you to focus on one section at a time and digest all of Shaun’s teachings. 

After completion of the masterclass, students will have lifetime access, so they can continually revise the information and continue implementing the lessons into their daily lives as they see fit.

The course includes the following: 

  • SECTION ONE – POSITIONING – your current assets, network, education and opportunities
  • SECTION TWO – PLANNING – this is where we identify your investment goals and formulate a plan to achieve them
  • SECTION THREE – EDUCATION – classifying the skills needed to achieve your plan and how to attain them
  • SECTION FOUR –   ACTION – breaking it down, making it achievable, building momentum and success

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll find that the masterclass is also accompanied by a comprehensive and printable Instant Plan Template that together, we will fill out as you make your way through the course. This template will become an indispensable reference that forms the basis of your investment strategy for your financial future. 

This unique and innovative investment masterclass guides participants on how to take advantage of the assets in their lives. If you want true financial freedom, then this masterclass is for you.

Special Offer

Anyone Can Invest offers huge value as a stand-alone course for anyone wishing to delve deeply into their personal finances and create their own investment strategy. However, you will gain the strongest foundation by first reading MONEY, THE BOOK. And, as an added bonus, the course is 100% FREE to every reader using the discount coupon enclosed! BUY MONEY, THE BOOK now.

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