Being Shaun Fox

Shaun Fox is an entrepreneur, investor and CEO. If you’d like to book a phone appointment with Shaun, please use this button.


Here is a list of the companies Shaun is involved in as a founder, CEO or otherwise. This list is always changing and will be updated as frequently as possible.

RAIC Capital – CEO, Founder – RAIC is an asset and investment fund manager specialising in creating dual-return investment products and securing high-yield opportunities for our investors. We specialise in creating retail investment opportunities accessible to everyone as well as bespoke wholesale funds management programmes.

FOXI Capital – CEO, Founder – Specialists in development and project equity funding.

FOXI International Financial Services – Specialising in cross border funding solutions and monetisation of international assets FOXI International Financial Services works with Sovereign entities and International corporations to engage in sophisticated banking and trade programs. – CEO, Founder

Lao Development Corp – As a company founded on the basic tenets of ethical business, caring and sustainability, Lao Development Corp created a high-level strategic plan that contemplated the longer-term development and investment in the people and assets of Lao PDR based on the country’s existing potential for sustainable development of the mining, energy and construction sectors. – CEO, Founder

Queensland Property Group – Queensland Property Group has been dedicated to excelling development standards and establishing thriving communities since beginning their journey in 2002, and has been one of the largest landowner developers in the region with diverse property portfolios in the residential and commercial sectors. – CFO

Toorak Times – Toorak Times and TAGG are your event guides, shopping, news, entertainment, music, lifestyle and fashion website. Serving the community for the last 4 decades and providing you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. – Finance Editor

Pleasure Point Mine – CEO, Founder, Chairman – PPM is a sandstone quarry in South-East Queensland for the most mined resource in the world, sand. The prestigious sandstone quarry is capable of producing high-quality architectural stone finishes as well as construction materials. The quarry is in pristine condition with mine lease approvals in place to fast-track commercial quarrying operations.

The Performance Centre – TPC offers open to the public fully functional dynamic gym locations that house and mentor Allied Health professionals the mechanics of starting and running their own business, network and marketing. – CFO, Founder

Cultivar – Cultivar is a finance commodities and investment company that participates in international transactions, projects and also advising ultra high net worth clients, corporates and sovereign entities. Cultivar works with third parties that specialise in monetisation of illiquid assets and in regulated trading. – Asia Pacific Director