FOXI International Financial Services – CEO & Founder

Shaun founded FOXI International Financial Services as a vehicle specialising in cross border funding solutions and monetisation of international assets. These services tie directly in with Shaun’s concept of creating sovereign plans – plans that focus on partnering government with private enterprise with the specific goal of marrying profit-driven enterprises with outcomes that improve the economic, demographic and social environment of developing nations. FOXI International Financial Services works with sovereign entities and international corporations to engage in sophisticated banking and trade programs.

FOXI Capital – President & Founder

FOXI Capital embodies Shaun’s passion for assisting others in achieving financial freedom by unlocking the secrets of wealth creation. In understanding the needs of wholesale, sophisticated and retail investors alike, Shaun created FOXI Capital as a global asset and investment fund manager and a venture capital enterprise, creating bespoke investment opportunities that afford financial synergy via a looped network, connecting the borrower, investor and fund manager. This looped network enables all to participate in the entire value chain and share the rewards of a successful launch. Shaun has effectively applied this investment philosophy across multiple industries such as property development, mining, finance, biotech and fintech.

Pleasure Point Mine – CEO, Founder & Chairman

Capitalising on his many years experience in identifying and financing viable commercial projects, Shaun saw the immense potential in the Pleasure Point Mine. This 113ha, undeveloped sand quarry based in Helidon, South-East Queensland, presented a perfect opportunity for Shaun to execute a retail fund-raising through his AFS licenced entity, RES Limited, to provide vital funds for the exploration and development of the mine. Recently, Shaun’s faith in the project has been rewarded with drilling samples indicating the mine holds $1.2 billion dollars of salable material as a measured JORC report and has a current, “as is” valuation, of $122 million dollars. 

Lao Development Corp – CEO & Founder

Based on his vision and concept of a ‘sovereign plan’, Shaun founded Lao Development Corp on the basic tenets of ethical business, caring and sustainability. Shaun’s unique concept focuses on improving economic, demographic and social outcomes for developing nations through partnering government with private enterprise. Sovereign plans aim to remove the barriers that typically occur between government and private enterprise, fostering investment in innovative new industries and allowing the government to take equity in projects and share in the financial rewards. New enterprises bring with them improved infrastructure, local employment, skill-based education and the funds flowing to the government can be applied to fund public projects that will improve the standard of living for its people.Lao Development Corp incorporates a high-level, strategic plan with a view to the longer-term development and investment in the people and assets of Lao PDR, including enormous potential in the development of sustainable mining, energy and construction sectors.

The Performance Centre – CFO & Founder

Shaun has combined his personal interest in health and wellness with his many years of business experience to create and launch The Performance Centre, Fitzroy and TPC Pro. The Performance Centre, grew from Shaun’s vision to bridge the gap between allied health clinics and training space, providing a truly integrated, inclusive health and wellness space. TPC provides its members and Allied Health professionals with access to technological assessment services, consultation rooms and a full gym in the one location. Shaun also saw the need for a platform to be developed as a space for Allied Health professionals to connect, learn and grow. The TPC Pro platform has evolved as an integral part of the scheme, with an emphasis on business and branding, assisting Allied Health professionals in acquiring the skills necessary to launch and manage their own business.