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by Shaun Fox


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by Shaun Fox


Hey guys, 

It’s time to talk about sustainability and how we can consciously invest in our planet. But first, let’s look at what Sustainable Investing means. The term has a variety of names, from socially responsible investing to impact Investing but regardless of what you call it, the idea is to invest in projects that are environmentally conscious or going to have a positive impact on our planet. The demand for sustainable investment projects has increased largely due to people preferring to invest in a project that aligns with their own values. 

That’s right, it means you’re not just investing in a project for financial gain but investing in good old mother Earth as well. For those that turn their nose to the notion, you don’t have to be a hippy to invest in eco-friendly projects. There is a lot of money in the green space, a whole lot of money. The fact of the matter is that the world is going green and it’s 110% worth looking into. So, let’s now take a look at some of the sustainable investing opportunities that are gaining traction:


Did you know that Australia is suffering from a timber shortage? This has led to the delay in many homes being built as they wait for the backlog to ease. That’s where sustainable homes come in. I’m not just talking about tiny homes that you see on TV either, although the ones built from shipping containers are a great example of timberless homes. Steel is an excellent choice for the framing of a home, particularly during this timber shortage. The benefit of steel is that it can be easily reused or recycled if the home is knocked down or renovated. Other alternatives include concrete frames and recycled materials.

The term Eco homes is another thing altogether and there is an influx of companies developing these types of houses. Now, these do link more to Tiny Houses, for example, having compost toilets. Think homes that have been built as environmentally friendly as possible from scratch and include solar energy, heating, low-flow toilets and e-glass. Eco homes builders usually provide the option to choose the level of energy efficiency for their customers. As it should, sustainable housing has increased in popularity and is paving the way for larger eco structures.

Solar Energy 

I’m sure we’re all familiar with solar energy, it’s in the name isn’t it? Energy from the sun being harnessed for electricity, heating and distilling water. Many homes and businesses are incorporating solar panels into their daily lives to cut down on electricity costs and help the environment. Solar energy however, isn’t limited to small scale needs and there are a lot of opportunities in the solar power space. Speaking of space, solar energy is being used to power satellites and also to boost solar energy usage on Earth. If these reasons aren’t enough to get you excited about solar energy and its potential, then consider solar-powered cars. This leads to our next topic…

Eco Friendly Transportation

Companies like Tesla have made a name for themselves with their electric cars and focus on clean energy but there are opportunities still deep in development. Researchers are currently looking at alternate methods of powering vehicles with fuel-cell technology. Solar-powered vehicles are both environmentally friendly and sustainable, meaning no carbon emissions. The idea behind solar vehicles has been around since the 1950s when the Sunmobile was unveiled but what was then seen as a pipe dream is now anything but. Corporations including car manufacturers such as Toyota, are currently looking at technologies that will allow the sun to power cars without losing power after a short period of time. The caveat at this point is increasing the efficiency of the solar panels and solar PV cells absorbing energy. 


A renewable energy source that uses heat (or thermal energy) from the Earth which can be used to generate electricity, heat or drying technologies. Geothermal systems work by extracting heat in either fluid or steam form and its use is dependent on the temperature levels during extracting. A clear example of how it works is this, a simple three metre heat pump can warm an entire home for the winter. 


Plastic waste can now be used as the cornerstone of the concrete industry by breaking down non recyclables. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint from plastic waste whilst also providing a lightweight and durable alternative to rocks. Which also means there is no need to mine when plastic waste is already at our disposal, ready to be converted into aggregate. 

RAIC is currently raising funds on a FOXI eco-friendly PLAZROK®. FOXI is actively investing in these types of projects and believes that the world can profit from going green, both financially and holistically. At the present time, FOXI is involved in a number of green investments and initiatives both nationally and globally.

Take care,

Shaun Fox

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