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by Shaun Fox


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by Shaun Fox


The Big Ideas to Re-Frame Your Time and Start Investing in Your Future

Shhhh… I want to tell you a secret.

The most valuable asset you have, not just in your investment journey, but, your life, is time. Not everyone has the luxury of starting out with wads of cash to start an investment portfolio, but everyone has the same amount of time! We all know that there are 24 hours in a day, so if everyone has the same amount of time, it’s up to you to spend that time wisely and to your advantage.

Let’s make time work FOR you and not have time HAPPEN to you.

Most people will break up their day into three parts; 8 hours to work, 8 hours to play and 8 hours to sleep. If you do choose to spend your time in this way, you will find yourself in an endless loop, stuck in the Rat race, constantly feeling exhausted and getting nowhere. However, if you take that same frame of time and use it differently, you can start to make time.. and money.

If you’re looking for more to life and want to break out of this endless loop (which clearly you do, as you are here, reading this!), then here is a new way to divide up your time:

  • Eight Hours to Work — The first 8 hours stays the same, working to earn money to pay for living costs.
  • Eight Hours to Make Time — This is where everything changes. This is the time to make time! How, you may ask? Keep on reading to find out.
  • Eight Hours to Sleep — These final hours are all yours, so how you choose to spend them is up to you.

“Make time? What in the world do you mean?” Well, my friends, this simply means doing things that are an investment in your future, such as starting a business, getting a second job or pursuing further education. When you consistently invest this time into making a positive difference in your life, you’ll notice the changes right away!

“But Shaun, I am not really a ‘money person. I don’t really care about money.” My response to this is, “Tosh.” We are all money people. Some people like to be money people and others only think they are. But, the world revolves around money and unless you’re happy with the exact life you have right now, repeating the exact same days every day for the next 70 years, then it’s time to work out how to spend your time better now, so you can have the life you truly want later.

In the second 8 hours, any money you make needs to go straight towards funding your future. Whether it’s your education, new business and/or your investing life, the intention is to replace your current income entirely with passive income, known as the time fund.

The purpose of the time fund is to entirely replace your current income with passive income. So, say you’re making $30,000 now, the goal of the time fund is to make $30,000 in passive income. We do this by taking the money, or equity, we create from the second 8 hours and invest it in such a way that it generates passive income that replaces your current income.

There are many ways to replace your income using your second 8 hours and I outline these in my book, MONEY, THE BOOK, which delves into these ideas further and includes my formula for replacing your income.

Don’t forget my friends, time is money, and you can make it easier than you think! I wish you all well, and until next time…

Be good to your mothers.

Shaun Fox

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